Waiting for the Burning Down the Reichstag Moment . . .

Waiting for the Burning Down the Reichstag Moment . . .

It’s coming.  The incompetence of the roll out of the travel ban is completely beside the point.  The travel ban was purely an exercise in messaging to set the scene  for Bannon’s game plan for using the next San Bernadino or Orlando as an excuse to seize emergency powers, ditch posse comitatus to deploy the military within the homeland and launch the United States into a civilizational conflict with the muslim world which he would use as cover for reshaping the U.S. along white nationalist lines.

We’re feeling pretty good about ourselves right now in terms of the resistance we have put up to less than a month of insanity and incompetence but everything to date has just been a warm up.  We need to get ready to mobilize for anti-war protests that will make the Vietnam protests look like a tea party because if we let Bannon’s war start it could be all over for us very quickly.

Here’s the Wikipedia article for anyone who needs a refresher on how the match was lit last time . . .


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