Letter to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand about the inauguration of Donald Trump

Dear Senator Gillibrand

I’m writing to ask you to stand together with the Representatives of our state who have chosen to stay away from the inauguration next Friday.

Donald Trump won this office through a campaign of hatred toward half of America.  Since his election he has not wavered from a message of hatred toward half the country.  He will be the constitutionally legitimate President of the United States and I have always believed that if you cannot feel respect for the individual you show respect for the office. However, the inauguration celebrations, apart from constitutionally mandated taking of the oath, are fundamentally a celebration of the individual. As long as he displays contempt and hatred toward half the country and makes no effort to heal the wounds he has created there is no obligation of any of us to celebrate this person.

Going back to the constitutionally mandated part of the proceedings, the taking of the oath: This person will take an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”. No one has ever doubted the intent of a previous President at the time of their inauguration to faithfully exercise the requirements of that oath, even if we have different views of how we interpret the Constitution. Donald Trump however has made it abundantly clear that he has no knowledge of or any interest in the contents of the Constitution and when he has spoken on topics germain to it he has made it absolutely clear that he is contemptuous of its principles. The taking of this oath on Friday will be a travesty. No one is under any obligation to celebrate this farce and unless between now and Friday he shows that he has acquired some level respect for the Constitution staying away from this farce is a display of love of country. Trump is not normal, and until he takes steps to normalize himself refusing to normalize him in any way is the patriotic thing to do.

I am very proud of your record as our Senator in the United States Senate.  I appreciate that the Senate is a different place from the House.  I will however be prouder of you still if you choose to stand together with our representatives and stay away from this travesty this Friday.

Thank you

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